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August 2019


 Rank Suggestions

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PostSubject: Rank Suggestions   Rank Suggestions EmptyMon Nov 16, 2009 11:18 pm

We have a New Rank Image coming on to the Forums updating the Rank Names, But we are Currently in requiring of New Rank Names, Just Post as Many as you can and i will add to The List.

(No Image) Suggestions: Lurker, Shadow, Shadow Lurker, Newbie, New Members

Rank Suggestions Green_10) Suggestions:
Rank Suggestions Green_11) Suggestions:
(Rank Suggestions Green_12) Suggestions:
Rank Suggestions Green_13) Suggestions:
Rank Suggestions Green_14) Suggestions:
Rank Suggestions Green_15) Suggestions:
Rank Suggestions Green_16) Suggestions:

Rank Suggestions Blue_010) Suggestions:
Rank Suggestions Blue_110) Suggestions:
Rank Suggestions Blue_211) Suggestions:
Rank Suggestions Blue_310) Suggestions:
Rank Suggestions Blue_410) Suggestions:
Rank Suggestions Blue_510) Suggestions:
Rank Suggestions Blue_610) Suggestions:

Rank Suggestions Red_010) Suggestions:
(Rank Suggestions Red_110) Suggestions:
(Rank Suggestions Red_210) Suggestions:
(Rank Suggestions Red_310) Suggestions:
(Rank Suggestions Red_410) Suggestions:
(Rank Suggestions Red_510) Suggestions:
(Rank Suggestions Red_610) Suggestions:

Just Suggest Names, and What Color you Think it would fit with, you Can even Quote someones Suggestions and Switch them around a tiny bit, but Try and Suggest 7 to make each of the Rank colors have Matching names.

Just Suggest Random Names you think would fit for these Ranks, Thanks.

Rank Suggestions Sigpic68851_1
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Rank Suggestions
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