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June 2019


 2 Holocaust poems

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2 Holocaust poems Empty
PostSubject: 2 Holocaust poems   2 Holocaust poems EmptyTue Nov 17, 2009 3:17 pm

One Last Sad Song


One last thing

The last I’ll ever ask of you I promise

Because we cant see the sky

Gone behind the smoke

Because the ground disappeared beneath the snow

We’re running across the ice, into another world

Because the broken walls can’t block the wind

A loud howling, drowning out our thoughts

Because we are dead

Gone and forgotten

Because we are dying

In a crowd, but so alone

Because we cant breathe

We’re not even trying

Because you know this is the end

Because I know it too

For one last time

Break the silence and drown the wind

Raise your violin

Raise your bow, I’ll raise my eyes

And play me one last sad song


This. Is. The. End.

The beginning,

and everything in between.

This is time,

and space,

and death,

and life.

This is the loss of everything,

and everyone.

This is a factory,

producing nothing but corpses.

Ash and hair.

This is yours

but it’s also mine

I just couldn’t be there

But maybe I can go there now

Maybe the smell of burning bodies will still fill the air.

Maybe I’ll see the blood and the tears,

and maybe I’ll hear your cries.

So can I come?

Would you let me stand beside you?

Beside them,

and let me help to tell the world.

Will you let me speak?

And never let them forget.

Let me walk with you where you walked before,

With hundreds,



but now just the two of us.

Will you cry?

I know that I will.

For each and every one of them,

for you too.

and maybe you can cry for me.

Even though I wasn’t there before,

but because I’m there now.

With you and all of the people who died in this place.

All the people who survived too.

We mourn them,

and we never forget.
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2 Holocaust poems
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