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March 2019

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 Oh yeah...I do NOTHING all day

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PostSubject: Oh yeah...I do NOTHING all day   Tue Nov 17, 2009 3:28 pm

He ACTUALLY thought I do nothing all day...
We live in a house with 3 floors....NOT including the basement and attic and he seems to think it just CLEANS ITSELF!
and I guess the baby takes care of herself too!
Or maybe the house does that TOO!
Just cause I don't go out every day and actually go to a "job" job it doesn't mean I don't have a JOB!
I do EVERYTHING around here... -_-
he pisses me off SO MUCH sometimes I SWEAR Mad
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PostSubject: Re: Oh yeah...I do NOTHING all day   Tue Nov 17, 2009 9:13 pm

One way to make him realise is wait till he has a Day off work, and insted of him doing something of his choice, make sure it is a bit Messy for him to try and clean it up, it'll help him realise that you do have a Job that helps your Family.

I have seen it work, cause they need to know by Experience if they can't find out by either noticing or thinking about it.

If you haven't tried explaining to him Face to face calmly when you are settled down from being out raged then you could try that.

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Wannabe Advisor
Wannabe Advisor

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PostSubject: Re: Oh yeah...I do NOTHING all day   Wed Nov 18, 2009 12:52 am

I know how you feel, my Ex lived with me and i would be babysitting a 6 month old and i 1 1/2 year old all day plus cleaning a huge house that had like 12 people living in it and then he would wonder why i was tired and say i never did anything and had no right to be so tired, and what Shadow-vampire said is true. it works. i told him " fine i have no right to be tired? Tomroow YOU can wake up with the babys and get the 10 year old off to school and clean the house and watch the kids all day and ill sit and play with the dog all day like you do and well see who has a right to be tired" after one day of doing everything himself, he never complained about me not doing anything again...instead he started helpign out more. if you try it it really does work.
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Support Leader
Support Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Oh yeah...I do NOTHING all day   Wed Nov 18, 2009 2:03 am

That's just the beginning of your life together with him. You'll fight amongst each other regardless of how much you love each other. Why? Because it's human nature to disagree and have your own opinions.

Does that mean it's not worth it? Not neccesarily.

If your fiance is willing to talk with you about this and you two can manage some sort of understanding and see eye to eye, you're on the right track to a healthy marriage. Show him that you do work to keep the house, and baby organised and healthy. With out proper house keeping, you can get harmful, and even deadly molds. Dust build up is bad for a newborns lungs and is a large allergin. There are many problems that can be associated with a dirty house. Obviously I don't need to tell you why you need to take care of your child.

I'm sure your fiance was just angry after work, seeing you relax perhaps set him off because he had a rough day. It doesn't mean it's right for him to do this. Talking with him about what you do, and why he would say such a thing is the first step in the right direction.

Communication is the key to Victory in war, technology, research, school and relationships.

On a long enough time line the life expectancy of everyone falls to zero.
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PostSubject: Re: Oh yeah...I do NOTHING all day   

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Oh yeah...I do NOTHING all day
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