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August 2019


 What the hell.

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What the hell. Empty
PostSubject: What the hell.   What the hell. EmptyTue Nov 17, 2009 4:28 pm

So my 'best friend' and i were having a heated conversation, because she believed i was 'leading her brother on'. Her younger brother, who is a grade younger than i am, was clearly crossing lines, and being much too sexual with me. Ive tried to explain to her over and over, that nothing was happening, and that i was trying to stop him, but even when we were at our lockers and i tried to tell her, she said I dont care. meh. i said, why, why wouldnt you care im trying to tell you what happened. Then later on, she found our conversation, where iwas telling jokes, and being very me-ish. Usually, i use alot of smileys when i talk to people on msn. Its just something that i do. And she totally misconstrued that into me flirting with him. She called me an attention *Censored* , which i suppose i could get over easily enough but then she just kept going on and on about how horrible i was and such. and how i was 'fucking around' with her little brother, which i may add i was most certainly NOT. she wont listen to reason, or civil conversation. What do i do now?

I got really upset over this, and i panicked and for the first time in a long time i resorted to cutting :/

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What the hell. Empty
PostSubject: Re: What the hell.   What the hell. EmptyTue Nov 17, 2009 9:20 pm

Well, you tried telling her, but was she heated up about the topic while you were trying to explain or no?

Because if she was heated when you tried then it will also less likely for her to understand and know what is actually going on, cause when People start getting bothered or getting pissed then they start to get less and less Logical about the situation creating a less chance to understand more...

But one thing to try is try showing that you have no feelings for her brother and that you wouldn't want to do any sort of thing with him, if you have to block him for a tiny bit explaining the Situation to him, and it might make both him & her understand.

Second of all, if you have
Windows Live Messenger Plus, you should put Passwords on all Chatlogs ensuring higher Security.

What the hell. Sigpic68851_1
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What the hell.
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